Romaggi Adobe Association

Please view this short 3 minute video detailing our project

For extended information and history, please watch this video produced by the Calavears County Public TV station.

The Save the Romaggi Adobe Association is dedicated to restoring the historic Romaggi Adobe near Angels Camp, California. Built in the 1850′s by Italian immigrant James Romaggi in the once thriving Gold Rush era boomtown of Albany Flat, the stucture served as a home, store, bar, cardroom and stagecoach stop during the heyday of the California Gold Rush. The Association hopes to restore the structure to its original condition and convert it into the Gold Country Family Museum, where photographic exhibits and artifacts will help tell the story of the many immigrant families who came to the Sierra Nevada foothills to make their fortunes during the California gold rush.

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The Association is actively seeking donations and volunteers to help accomplish this goal. We hope you will consider joining us!